Welcome to the Spokane Rose Society


“There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Our objectives are:

  • To educate the public that roses are easy to grow in the Inland Northwest,
  • To provide free basic rose care information and share the knowledge and experience of our Consulting Rosarians,
  • To invite neighbors to come together to discuss roses, gardening, and companion plants,
  • To promote and contribute to Rose Hill at Manito Park in the City of Spokane, and
  • To provide activities that benefit our community.

Membership in Spokane Rose Society is open to everyone. We meet February through November, with a special program each month. (There are no meetings in December or January.)

Our regular meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Manito Meeting Room (near by the conservatory) in Manito Park, Spokane, Washington. Our meetings are open to the public, as are some of our other events. Guests and Visitors are always welcome.

Some meetings are replaced with special events, and workshops or classes on a range topics may be held at various times throughout the year.  We have an annual Rose Show, free and open to the public, which is an excellent opportunity to see the wide variety of beautiful roses that grow in the Spokane area.

Please see our calendar for an exact schedule of all events, times, and locations.

Membership Benefits:

  • Members can check out books from our library.
  • Members receive our newsletter, Rose Ramblings, that contains timely rose care articles and other information of interest to society members and rose gardeners.
  • Members and their guests can attend garden tours and nursery tours.
  • New members receive a Basic Rose Care Guide.

How to Join the SRS – If you are interested in joining the SRS, please visit this page for information and a printable application form.

Events Calendar – Our 2016 calendar of events.

See our blog for news, events, articles on rose care, rose arranging, rose shows, photographs, videos, and more rose-related information. Browse the categories to the left or see the”Recent Posts” to the right for the latest updates to our site.

How to Grow Roses in Spokane (Zone 5) –  If you are new to the Spokane area or just new to rose gardening you may find this page to be useful.  It contains lots of free information on how to get started growing roses in our area.

SRS Book Store – Recommended books selected by our expert Rosarians, and available through Amazon.com. Remember – buying anything from Amazon through our links supports the SRS.

SRS Online Store – Our CafePress store has a nice selections of SRS items, ranging from t-shirts to calendars to gift boxes and more. Purchases through this store also support the SRS.

All proceeds from ads on this site go to support the SRS and its activities.

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  11 Responses to “Welcome to the Spokane Rose Society”

  1. Do you have an archived tour of the garden located at (address deleted)?
    Thank you.

    [No, if it isn’t already posted then we don’t have it. Sorry. See here for those tours that we DO have. -SRS]

  2. I wanted to know where I can buy the Multi color roses they are so beautiful

    [I added a link on that page to a “how to do this” page. I don’t know where to buy them. -SRS]

  3. I have a small 40 plant garden North of Seattle and am familiar with what works in my zone. Would Remember Me (HT) be happy in zone 6? I wanted to purchase it for a friend living in Spokane who just lost a pet. If not could you reccommend another rose for such a situation?

    Thanks for your help

    • HelpMeFind shows Remember Me as a zone 7. Spokane is pretty much zone 5 in the city and as low as 4 outside the city. Your friend would have to give it some solid winter protection for it to survive here.

  4. We recently inherited my grandparents home in Spokane(we moved from Seattle)in 12/201.Having no experiance with roses can you reccommend some winterizing tips? I do not want to destroy all their hard work.

  5. I have a customer who wants an arrangement of “Chinese Roses”. I believe he wants the China rose or butterfly rose. Do you know if this type of rose bush is sold in the Spokane area?

  6. I am working the Spokane in Bloom tour and wonder if you folks have set up anything with t.i.e.g. to promote your event, and vice versa. some flyers perhaps? 20 june seems a pretty busy day! the pacific northwest koi club association is having a three day convention that weekend too.

    • At the moment I don’t think we have anything set up with TIEG, though the subject came up. Carol at Northland Rosarium might have something going with them. Cross-pollination of the events would be great.

  7. Hello. My name is Hanson Holmes and back in 1984 I served in the Air Force with a young man who grew roses for competition. He lived in Spokane at the time and served at the Air base. Does any body know his name. I still recall how fascinating it was that he grew and competed. I just cannot remember his name. Does anybody in your society know of individual I just described? Thank you for any reply. My email is digdogdugdo@gmail.com

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